• Posted by : 「KeenH」お姉チャンバラZ~カグラ Nov 25, 2017

    Wufht, gonna make this as short as possible (i'm typing this at work by the way). I'm no longer will update or maintenance this blog, if you ask "why?", here the reason :

    1. I'm not longer play Point Blank. Last time i play Point Blank i think on 2013? Now i'm more into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
    2. I have real life, i'm no longer teenager or high schooler who have plenty much spare time. I have responsibility to work for money and living. For my mom and my family.
    3. I lost motivation to do any more mods of CS:PB stuff.

    and other reason, well i have other reason, but the main point is already mentioned above.

    So yeah, i would like to say thanks to everyone who keep following and visiting this "dead" blog since last time i'm updating stuff here. Oh and just letting you know, you can download and use my mods left behind on this blog as long the download link is still working. If not, well, what a bad day for you. I won't reupload them, i don't even have the mods on my Hardrive anymore. xD


    KeenH :3

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    1. tbh. this is the first time i enter your blog and i feel sad super sad :( i felt like you spent a lot of time and now you gone. i know that feeling :(

      good luck with your life <3

      and plz i wanna talk to you on Discord if you dont mind


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