• Hello,in this post we'll answer common question about CS 1.6/CZ modification.

    Q : Can i request mods/skins/Art/Anime wallpaper,only for me ?
    A : NO ,unless you pay me for it.

    Q : How to install your mods to my CS 1.6 (Weapons and character models) ?

    Q : Why the sound isn't work when reload,shoot,and other animation ?
    A : You not install the sound correctly,try to install the sound again or check the file sound in "sound" directory. Common directory is "C:\Program Files\valve\cstrike\sound".

    Q : How to install new maps to my CS 1.6 ?
    A : The step same with installation mods,just put the file in following directory,like "maps", "overwiew" and "sound" folder in your CS directory.

    Q : When i install new maps,what if my old maps disappear ?
    A : Unlike weapons or player models ,maps willn't replace the existing map,but adding new maps.

    Q : I download mods from your friend site,and install it to my CS,but the hands is different with your mods here,why that's happen ?
    A : Maybe our friend site using dfferent hands in their mods,we use CZ original hands called "Handfinal".

    Q : How to improve my CS 1.6 graphic,like shader effect in CS-S or CS-GO ?
    A : We think that's impossible,CS 1.6 using gold source engine,and the engine doesn't support shader,normal map etc.

    Q : I want create my own mods,how to create a CS 1.6 mods ?
    A : You need learn basic knowledge about modding,like modeling, texturing etc,try to watch this video.

    Q : What program i need for create/edit CS 1.6 mods,and where i can get the program ?
    A : We recommended using this program  :

    1.Milkshape 3D 1.8.4 or higher, 3DS Max 2010 or higher, Blender
    2.Half life model viewer
    3.Adobe photoshop CS 2 or higher

    Use google to search the program,maybe you need purchase a license to use the program.

    Q : When i use your mods,the body weapons look strange,a hole appear in the body like this http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/4011/w545.jpg what should i do ?

    A : The problem is the origin weapons or the screen resolution,you only can fix this problem if you can modding CS 1.6 mods.you can try this step to fix the problem.

    Q : Can i add new weapons in my CS 1.6 ? not replace the weapons ?
    A : No,unless you use CS like CS BTE,CSO:NST or CS Extreme

    Q : If i replace MP5 with AK47 mods,will the weapon damage increase ?
    A : No,mods just only change the skins. Damage,ammo,recoil etc still same with usual.

    Need tutorial ? try to visit this site,we hope this site will helpful for you : CSBANANA

    [KeenH]Project team

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