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    Hi, guys, what's up ? Sorry for my long absence here :p been busy with drawing on my deviantart account and other stuff, and i rarely playing Counter-Strike anymore. But anyway i have something for you, the Famous CrossFire weapon, M4A1-S Iron Beast. Also known as M4A1 Transformer, this weapon is labeled as VVIP on the CrossFire game, and what ? Yes, VVIP = Money, so yeah, you need to pay a lot of money only for get this weapon (About US$ 30-50 ? i'm not sure). Lucky enough, on your CS, you can use this weapon as much you want, and it's free. :p

    Here some preview for you.

    By KeenH

    By KeenH.deviantart.com
    Marie Rose 'DOA 5' With M4A1-S Iron Beast (That Ass :D)

    By KeenH
    Some Features

    By KeenH
    Test ingame !

    (+)Features :

    -Real CrossFire models, texture and sound.
    -CF Animations alike done by me. (KeenH)
    -Moving animated texture, similar with the real one!
    -Counter-Strike Source hands, which better looking than default CS 1.6/CZ hands. (kinda look fat though but whatever lol)
    -And more !

    -No P and W models.
    -Melee attack is only useable if you're using CS with plugins. (Like CSO-NST, CS-BTE, etc)
    -Not using CrossFire original hands.

    Replacing AUG maybe ? but the reload speed might be too fast for it.(i'm making this mods for CS with plugins from the first though) So you need to lower the FPS by yourself.

    So, want it ? here, below i put the download link.

    Download CrossFire M4A1-S Iron Beast mod: Here (ge.tt - 800 kb)
    Password Archive : keenh.deviantart.com

    NOTE :
    Don't re-share unless you give original source to my blog.
    If you want edit my mods, it's fine. But please, always Credits me !

    So yeah, Enjoy !

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