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    Hi ! it's been a while since i post something in this blog. Okay lets end the intoduction already.

    Some time ago, Point Blank Online Indonesia release a brand new weapon called "OA-93" or "Olympic Arms-93", this weapon design is kinda interesting to me. Small, deadly, light, have a good damage and accuracy and have dual mode feature like "Kriss Super V" , make this weapons is cool as hell. I hope PB keep updating badass weapons like this in the future.


    -Point Blank models, similar 90 % with the real one.
    -Point Blank original texture.
    -Point Blank real sound from ingame.
    -Real origin.
    -Smooth animation.
    -Replacing MP5 ingame.

    sadly, i don't have any interest in animating anymore, so i use BrainCollector animation instead. No dual mode. Plus i don't make p_models and w_models, too lazy to do it teehee ~.

    Okay, this is the pic :

    by keenhide

    OA-93 By KeenHide

    Credits :



    Converter models and texture

    Remodel, Re-UV,sound port, compile, texture edit,etc



    Download OA-93 mods : Here (size 852 kb) (Zippyshare.com)
    Password : keenhide

    That's all,i hope you enjoy it. And if you want to share, PLEASE ! i beg you, don't give direct link, please give link to this post or my blog.


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    1. Woah OA-93 :o
      Nice post ^^
      /t 1stTegarCSF

    2. owhhh, klo udh gk malas, buatin kk

    3. Nice. blog agan sudah ane pasang di blog ane. pasang balik ya http://pasuruan-community.blogspot.com/

      1. Ok gan, maaf telat replynya hehe. Sudah saya add blognya ke "Friend list" saya.

    4. Nicee web brooo. Izin download yaa Projectnyaa


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